Weighing and labelling

State-of-art solutions for weighing and labelling of products based on DIBAL

Pre-packing and sorting

High-performance machines for weighing and dosing, as well as sorting manufactured by HASTAMAT, SELECT

Inspection and Control

Weight control, control of foreign particles and contaminants presence, DIBAL

Film packaging and trays sealing

Packaging machines of FABBRI Group, CAVECO, ROBOPACK for food industry

Industrial scales

Industrial scales for goods weighing at the enterprises and warehouses manufactured by DIBAl and Massa K

Industrial PCs

DIBAL Industrial PCs for work in demanding industrial environments

Boxes packing tape guns and formers

Boxes formers and packing tape guns ROBOPAC and SACMI

Flow formers

Automatic equipment for flows forming of DIBAL production lines

Pallet wrappers

Automatic packing of a palllet with a load in ROBOPAK stretch film

UR Collaborative robot

We make dreams about automation and robotics come true